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DECOR Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machines

The DECOR 4-color and 6-color automatic rhinestone machines offered by MESA are revolutionizing the bling industry with machines that do not require a separate, and often noisy or expensive, air compressor. A built-in quiet vacuum pump provides all of the air requirements for the machine.

The DECOR Automatic Rhinestone Machine has a working design area of 15.75 x 15.75 inches, and sets rhinestone designs to transfer paper at speeds of up to 170 stones per minute. The designs can then be sold as transfers, or can be heat-set to garments for even more profit potential.

Designs are transferred to the machine via SD card, or for networking purposes a LAN port allows transfer via FTP.

Features include a large color touch-screen control panel with 6.4 inch display, user-friendly menus, simplified buttons for easy operation, and a one-touch start function for repeating the last job. Accurate sensors prevent errors and misplacement of stones.

For more information, go to www.blingmachine.com.