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Summit AT Direct To Garment Printer

Summit AT Direct To Garment Printer

The Summit AT is the result of the evolution of direct to garment printing. With modern DTG ink formulations, many legacy features were removed because they’re no longer needed. With a focus on efficiency, reliability and functionality, we have produced a faster, more efficient direct to garment printer with an overall smaller size, while still providing exceptional print quality and an extra-large print area.

The Summit AT 's One Pass technology saves precious time, and the results are indistinguishable from traditional two-pass prints for most designs. An 11x11” full color image can be printed on a dark shirt in only one minute 34 seconds minutes using One Pass.

The Summit AT can print in ultra-high resolution, up to 2880x2880 dpi, but in most cases 1440x1440 or 720x1440 is recommended.

Navigator RIP software works with the Summit AT 's advanced print head technology to dispense variable sized ink droplets, resulting in precise ink placement, even when printing designs with fine details. Navigator RIP makes many RIP functions easier than ever, including automatically removing solid-colored backgrounds with ease.

The patented box-style platen system is versatile and easy to load. The Summit AT DTG Printer includes two (2) Tucloc® platens for efficient high production. These configurable platens allow printing one large 14x22” design. Other configurations allow printing 2 sleeves, 2 medium sized designs, or 4 smaller designs, all at once!

MESA offers a complete package with printer, Navigator RIP Software, heat press, and supplies – everything you need to get started. Contact MESA for the best current price.

For more information, visit www.DTGAmerica.com or call toll free 800-330-3867.