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Endura Embroidery Thread

endury embroidery thread

MESA Supplies introduces Endura Embroidery Thread, a premium yet affordable commercial embroidery thread that’s incredibly strong while remaining silky soft to the touch.

This thread is available in a wide selection of beautifully vivid colors that remains colorfast through many wash cycles, and is designed with a very high tensile strength for fewer thread breaks.

Endura’s embroidery thread line includes 189 polyester colors, plus metallic, glow in the dark, and neon colors. Endura embroidery thread is 100% polyester, except the metallic threads which are metal and nylon.

Endura Embroidery Thread features high tenacity for fewer thread breaks. Each thread is made from continuous filament fiber for strength and durability. The fine finish and evenly balanced twist means fewer loose fibers and less resistance against thread guides and tension controls. The superior tensile strength and balanced twist prevent shredding and thread breaks, allowing for trouble-free high speed embroidery.

For more information, visit www.mesasupplies.com or call toll free 800-330-3867.